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Where to Find Krushing Karl in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

With a name like Krushing Karl, you’d expect him to be one of Mighty Quest‘s end-of-act bosses.

Strangely, he’s not. And even stranger, Krushing Karl can’t be found in any of the game’s levels. So where do you find him in Mighty Quest, then?

It turns out that Krushing Karl is a boss that you faced off against in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot‘s tutorial. But since you can’t return to the game’s tutorial, you’ll have to go elsewhere to fight against him instead. Now, you’ll find Krushing Karl in the “Trials” section; the Keeper’s Coliseum, to be more exact.

The Keeper’s Coliseum is a daily trial that you can complete up to three times each day to unlock new rewards. It pits you against waves of enemies, and Krushing Karl appears as one of those waves.

If you have a challenge that requires you to beat Krushing Karl, then, you’ll need to head to Keeper’s Coliseum and fight through all the enemies until you’ve slain Karl.

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