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Zero Zero Zero Zero Looks and Feels Like a Classic

It’s always nice to jump back into the past for a while.

That’s exactly what it felt like when I loaded up Zero Zero Zero Zero for the first time. The game is simplistic, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer.

You play as a man tasked with collecting a coin on each level and bringing it to the end. With over 100 levels, you’ll likely find it to be more than a little challenging to complete this task every time. The ingenious part is that you never know which level is going to show up next. That’s right! Each of the 100 levels is totally randomised, so when you complete a level you’ll be totally surprised by what comes next.

Sometimes it will feel like you need to rush through the levels, grab your coin and get out as fast as you can. Other times it’s better to take your time, assess the situation and get through the levels with a well-planned strategy.

That being said, the run and gun option works out sometimes too. And you are equipped with a gun to help you shoot past certain pesky obstacles, like spikes, bullets, moving platforms and more.

But not only does Zero Zero Zero Zero include the regular mode in which you have infinite lives, there’s also a hardcore mode which gives players just one single life to complete all 100 levels on. Yikes. There’s also a race mode where you can compete against someone else to complete the level first. That’s a lot of options for a game that costs less than a fiver.

Zero Zero Zero Zero may be simplistic, but it is far from easy. And that’s exactly what will keep players coming back: the challenge. You may beat ten levels, tell yourself that you’ve had enough, then pick it up again a few hours later determined to beat your high score. It’s a shining example that games don’t need beautiful graphics or an engaging story to be fun and entertaining.

Zero Zero Zero Zero is available on PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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