Apocalyptic Game 60 Seconds! is Available on PS4 and Xbox One Today

It’s time to gather up your loved ones and, more importantly, your stuff, because the apocalypse simulation game 60 Seconds! is now available on consoles.

Everyone’s got their own unique contingency plan for the apocalypse, but without having the chance to try it out, how will you ever know if your plan will work or if you’ll be prepared enough? 60 Seconds!, which originally released in 2015, was a wonderful way to get some practice in preparedness for the apocalypse. And now you can try it out on console as the game is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from today, March 6th.

In the game you play as either the mother or the father of a family of four. You start off in a 3D world where you’re tasked with gathering up your family members as well as your stuff (food, water, medicine, radio, etc.) in one minute and get everyone down into your apocalypse bunker. From there the game changes into a hand drawn choose-your-own-adventure kind of game where you’ll be tasked with deciding what your characters do and how they do it.

You’ll also have to send your family members out on mission to collect more supplies and make sure that the family members that remain have the proper amount of food and water to survive. It’s a challenging game with oodles of replayability. And it’s incredibly simple making it playable for anyone in the family who wants to start their preparations early.

Check out the trailer for 60 Seconds! below and grab it on the PlayStation or Xbox digital storefronts now.