Dead by Daylight is Coming to Android and iOS in April

Soon you’ll be able to ruthlessly murder people from the palm of your hand.

Don’t freak out: I’m only talking about a game coming to mobile devices. That would be Dead by Daylight from Behaviour Interactive.

Following the announcement of its existence earlier this month, Behaviour has revealed that Dead by Daylight Mobile will launch next month, on April 16th. So if you haven’t played enough Dead by Daylight on PS4, Xbox One, PC or Nintendo Switch, now you can play it on your smartphone where you can type your insults before and after each game at lightning speed.

If players would like to pre-register for the game, they can unlock some cosmetics and iridescent shards (in-game currency) for their characters.

Here are the tiers players will receive when a certain number of players pre-register:

  • Tier 1 (500K pre-reg): Weekend Shirt | Surf Tone; Hooded Training Top; Two-tone Coat; The Scarecrow; 2000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 2 (750K): Watermelon Pants; Sports Leggings; Red Flash Boots; Marked Spike Maul; 3000 Iridescent Shards
  • Tier 3 (1M): Preppy Flatcap; Jogging Headband; Colorful Headscarf; Bill Overbeck; 5000 Iridescent Shards

Check out the trailer below, pre-register for the game to get some sweet unlocks, and look out for Dead by Daylight headed to the Apple and Google Play stores on April 16th.