2Outlast 1 and 2

Outlast 2 Switch

Outlast was one of the first games that totally took me by surprise when it showed up on the Nintendo eShop. Two of the best horror games of recent years, they’re first person and part of your point-of-view is through a camera. In the first game, you play as Miles Upshur who receives an anonymous email that inhumane experiments are being performed on patients at Mount Massive Asylum, a psychiatric facility. What Miles discovers there is much more gruesome than he could have ever expected.

The second Outlast follows investigative journalist Blake Langermann working with his wife, Lynn, chasing a story about a murder of a pregnant woman when they crash land in the Supai region of Arizona.

Both Outlast and Outlast 2 are horrific tales that put you right in the shoes of the protagonists. One of your biggest hopes is that your camera doesn’t run out of batteries. Plus, you have absolutely no weapons – making it one of the scariest games you’ll ever play. If you get spotted, you better hope you can find somewhere to hide…

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