1Must-have games for children on PS4

Team Sonic Racing 2

With everything going on at the moment, parents are likely looking for new ways to entertain their children. While the games console might have been out of bounds before, now’s a good time to finally let the kids play some games.

Every day, there are more and more videogames to choose from. Unless you’re an expert, it can be a minefield to know what PS4 games are suitable for children, and what games should be avoided. Sure, games have PEGI or ESRB ratings, but just because something is free of sex and violence doesn’t mean it’s something a seven-year old will enjoy playing.

If your kid is into video games and you’re looking for something new for them to play over the next few weeks, click on through. We’ve picked out the most suitable PS4 games for children, all of which are available physically, and all of which are suitable for children of any age.

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