Boosteroid: Feel the Power of Cloud Gaming

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Are you playing games on an older PC? Do you have any trouble running the latest games? Boosteroid is ready to help you.

With Boosteroid, there’s no need to buy new components for an outdated PC,  or wait to play while you download 100 GB of game files. Cloud gaming can be extremely helpful to many who want to game without the hassle of waiting for downloads or owning the latest technology – and this is how it works.

Boosteroid power

Cloud gaming has evolved since the early 2000s. You might not have heard a great deal about it, but nowadays your computer’s internet browser is all you need for modern gaming. Here is where Boosteroid is going to help. By utilising advanced cloud gaming technologies, you can enjoy high-performing gameplay in just a few clicks. Boring long downloads, loading screens and lags can be a thing of the past.

But there is at least one important thing you have to know: it’s impossible to go cloud without high-speed internet. How much do you need to play all those AAA titles? About 10 Mbps is enough to run your favourite games with high settings and, more importantly, without extra issues. More than 200,000 players are already enjoying Boosteroid cloud gaming service. They are using our servers to play without limits, even via WI-FI connection.

The future is not near, it’s already here!

If that sounds great, you’re probably wondering about the price of Boosteroid. You can buy a subscription starting from €4.16 per month if you pay annually, allowing anyone to enjoy cloud gaming for the lowest price available today. No need to make difficult calculations: this is way cheaper than upgrading your PC.

You don’t even need to limit yourself by using your desktop PC’s browser, either: Boosteroid also works with mobile phones. Same technology — a different experience. You can play favourite games on a phone, anywhere you have an internet connection. The possibilities are limitless.

Boosteroid is growing. Each month it is testing and adding more and more games to the service. Even better: Boosteroid is listening to its users’ requests, taking suggestions of titles to add to the service. Citizens of central and eastern Europe are already enjoying high-performance gaming without any problems.

Should you ever experience any problems using Boosteroid, the service offers 24/7 support to help you whenever you need. Not sure whether a subscription is for you? The company is currently working on a free solution, offering even more players the possibility of play.

With its low latency, Boosteroid provides the most comfortable cloud gaming experience you could possibly expect for. Think about the possibilities and prospects. The future of gaming is in your browser. Try it now and feel the power of Boosteroid!