Check Out the DOOM Eternal Launch Trailer

DOOM eternal (1)

Are you ready to rip and tear? You better be, because DOOM Eternal is so close you can almost smell it.

Just a mere week away from its release on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the launch trailer for DOOM Eternal has been released. Was does it offer you as a viewer? How about some demon-slaying, a glimpse of the game’s story, and of course some ripping and tearing. To make it more lucrative, there’s even some of that Mick Gordon music to get you in the mood to cock your shotgun.

We absolutely loved 2016’s reboot of DOOM, and everything we’ve seen and played of DOOM Eternal since suggests it’ll be bigger and better. There are more demons, more traversal options, and have you seen how good it looks? This is certainly one to watch out for this March.


Check out the launch trailer for DOOM Eternal below. And if you’ve not pre-ordered it yet, do so now on either PS4, Xbox One or PC. A Switch release is also planned for later this year.