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Comanche is Creating Helicopter Havoc in Early Access


Comanche, a modern reboot of the classic attack helicopter simulation series, is now available to play in early access, providing a unique spin on online shooters.

The early access version of Comanche provides three game modes: a community-requested Single Player, 4v4 Multiplayer and Flight & Combat Training modes. The single player campaign will initially feature just a single mission, with new missions being added regularly. The team multiplayer mode is the game’s main event, with two groups of four battling each other to complete objectives.

Currently players can try out Black Box mode and Infiltration mode. The objective of Black Box is to collect as many black boxes from destoryed helicopters as you can, using your drone. As you can collect black boxes from both enemies and friendly helicopters, this ensures a lot of intense close-quarters combat with both Comanches and drones. In Infiltration mode, one team must infiltrate a base while the other protects it, with attackers attempting to place an EMP which defenders can disarm.

Four unique helicopters will be available in the early access, each with their own specific strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Developer NUKKLEAR has a planned roadmap of content which should be slowly added to Comanche over the next six months, which you can check out on the game’s Steam Store Page and official website.

Check out the early access release trailer below!

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