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Cruise Route 66 as a Biker Dirtbag in American Motorcycle Simulator

american motorcycle simulator

Movie Games S.A. announces American Motorcycle Simulator, a biker survival game in which you maintain your ride while exploring sleazy motels and bars.

Ever wanted to just leave the everyday trappings of life behind, jump on a Harley-Davidson and hit the open road? This might be the game for you.

American Motorcycle Simulator provides a full scale recreation of the historic Route 66, running from Chicago to Los Angeles across 2,446 miles of American highway. You are a lone biker, a leather-clad vagabond who must repair, upgrade and keep his precious motorcycle topped up with gas while riding the asphalt. There will also be a collection of bars, clubs and motels to keep you rested and entertained along the way, providing a selection of minigames such as Darts, Billiards and Poker to earn money (or lose it).

Check out the official trailer for American Motorcycle Simulator below, then head over to the game’s Steam Store page for more information or to add it to your wishlist.

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