Dandy Dungeon is Getting a Huge Update and Music From Nobuo Uematsu

If Onion Games’ excellent Dandy Dungeon has passed you by so far, next month might be an excellent time to jump in.

For the uninitiated, Dandy Dungeon is a comedy-driven RPG where you play as suspiciously-Mario-looking Yamada. He’s a game developer, making a new game at home in his underpants. Each level you play of Dandy Dungeon is actually Yamada beta-testing his own game, resulting in hilarious consequences.

In its original form, it’s a heck of a lot of fun; I reviewed it last year, giving it a very respectable 8/10. But from next Thursday, 2nd April, it’s going to get even better. A free update will be available – Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride.


Yep, it’s essentially a sequel, but it’s being supplied free to everyone who already owns Dandy Dungeon. According to the press release, it “more than doubles” the size of the game. It adds 90 new dungeon types, 560 new weapons and armour, and over 260 new monsters. There’s also a 99-floor dungeon being added as a post-game challenge.

Perhaps most exciting, though, is the new music being added to the game. It promises over 130 tracks of new, original music – including collaborations with none other than Nobuo Uematsu, the renowned composer of Final Fantasy VII‘s soundtrack.

Watch the trailer for Dandy Dungeon II: The Phantom Bride below. If you already own the game, the new content will become available as a free update on 2nd April. If you’re yet to purchase it, it’ll be available on Steam and Switch with a 30% discount ($13.29/£10.14).