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DCL: The Game Offers Manned Drone with €1M Collector’s Edition

DCL - The Game Big Drone Collector's Edition

DLC – The Game “Big Drone” Edition is announced, offering a copy of the quadcopter racing game along with a real manned aerobatic drone for €1,000,000.

The Drone Champions League is offering three limited edition copies of DCL – The Game, which includes your very own aircraft, the worlds first manned aerobatic drone. How much is it going to cost you? Oh not much, only €1,000,000. But how much is it worth to become a part of history?

Yes, this is apparently real – you can check out the manned quadcopter (or hexacopter?) in action by watching the video below. The “Big Drone” has been developed by Drone Champions AG itself, and is hoped to mark a big step forward into the future of drone racing.

Buying this package will get you a copy of DCL – The Game on a platform of your choice (with free shipping apparently, because that makes the €1M worth it), one Big Drone, and a week of introductory lessons from World Champion pilot Mirko Cesena.

DCL – The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. To learn more or buy the “Big Drone” package, head over to the DCL online shop.

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