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Destiny 2 season of the worthy

Everything That’s New in Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy

As Season of the Dawn officially winds down, Guardians are looking ahead to what’s coming with the arrival of the 10th official season in Destiny 2, Season of the Worthy.

There are some big changes coming along with this new season, as well as a handful of exciting new events. Along with that, however, there are a number of things leaving as Season of the Worthy begins. Let’s first take a look at what is leaving the Destiny universe this season.

What Activities and Gear Are Leaving Destiny 2?

As with all previous seasons in Destiny 2, you can expect various quests, vendors, and activities to be disabled when Season 10 starts. Obviously, a new season pass will arrive, so the Season of the Dawn season pass, and all its gear/rewards, will go away. Here’s a quick list of everything leaving in Season of the Worthy:

  • Season of the Dawn Seal and Title
  • Lantern of Osiris Seasonal Artifact
  • Obelisk Bounties
  • Polarized Fractaline
  • Timelost Weapon Bounties
  • Sundial Arena
  • Sundial Spire
  • Planetary Obelisks
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Osiris Quests
  • Saint-14 Quests (except Bastion Exotic Quest)
  • Saint-14 Bounties
  • Devil’s Run Exotic Quest
  • Season 9 artifact mods, triumphs

But fear not, there are plenty of new things on the way to make up for what is lost. Let’s get into all the new content in Season of the Worthy.

New Activities in Season of the Worthy

Destiny 2 season of the worthy

In Season 10, we’ll be getting a new batch of activities, both PvP and PvE focused, to help us grind for gear and level up. Here’s a quick look at what new activities you can find in Season of the Worthy:

Trials of Osiris

  • The hyper-competitive, pinnacle PvP experience is back to its roots with 3v3, high-intensity combat. Expect pinnacle gear just for competing, extra rewards for flawless runs, including a visit to The Lighthouse, and the return of some fan favourite maps. Will be a permanent playlist, every weekend. (Requires 960+ Light Level, launches 13 March)

New PvE Activities

  • Seraph Tower Event: New planetary activity, similar to events like Escalation Protocol, that can reward new legendary weapons and armour. (Begins 10 March)
  • Grandmaster Ordeal: A brand new difficulty tier for Nightfall Strikes that offers the chance for a new Seal and end-game rewards. (Begins 21 April)
  • Seraph Bunkers: These new areas will function as Legendary Lost Sectors, offering a more rewarding Lost Sector experience with (hopefully) more exploration. (First three bunkers go live on 10 March, 24 March, and 7 April, respectively)

Brand New Events

  • One of the lesser detailed events coming in Season of the Worthy is the “Guardian Games”. We don’t have much information on this event currently, but it’s set to replace last spring’s revelry event. The name seems to imply something analogous to Olympic Games, and all Bungie has revealed at this point is that it will be a “class competition” with legendary armour rewards.

Season of the Worthy Armour, Power Level, and Balancing

Destiny 2 season of the worthy

There are also some larger changes happening to the core elements of Destiny 2 in Season of the Worthy, including Armour 2.0, power level, weapon and class balancing. Those keen to get more out the Armour 2.0 system, which has been less than perfect since its launch, will be happy to see these changes. With the coming changes, you’ll be able to change the elemental affinity on your armour, and seasonal mod slots will now allow for mods from the previous season, the season in which the armour is earned, and the following season.

In Season of the Worthy, we’ll finally be able to hit that glorious number of 1,000 Power Level, with the hard cap coming in at 1,010 power. To aid in this grind, Bungie is reworking how players can earn Pinnacle Gear (the gear that grants the biggest jump to your Power Level). Instead of just end-game activities, you can find Pinnacle Gear from weekly Crucible, Strike, Gambit, and Clan challenges. This opens the door much wider for solo players, which is a great move.

Alongside these changes, there are some balancing acts coming into play. In preparation for Trials of Osiris, certain classes are being tweaked along with some weapons. Here’s a breakdown of the impending nerfs and buffs in Season of the Worthy:

  • Guardian Class Nerfs: Stormcaller Top Tree, Striker Bottom Tree, and Arcstrider Bottom Tree
  • Guardian Class Buffs: Voidwalker Bottom Tree, Nightstalker Bottom Tree, and Striker Middle Tree
  • Weapon Nerfs: Izanagi’s Burden, Aggressive Frame grenade launchers, Lord of Wolves, Last Word, Fusion Rifles, and slight changes to Shotguns
  • Weapon Buffs: Auto Rifles

Keep in mind that the tweaks to the Guardian subclasses are intended to be more about getting everything on a level playing field before Trials of Osiris comes around. The largest changes are impacting Warlock melee (more range) and the Titan barricade (20% more health).

New Weapons in Season of the Worthy

We don’t have a tonne of information about the new weapons coming to Destiny 2 in Season 10. The 4th Horseman Exotic Shotgun is returning however, as is the brand new Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic Auto Rifle. We’ll also see a wide selection of new Legendary weapons across the board, most likely with specific Legendary weapons tied to the new specific events as well as general rewards. Bungie also announced that Faction Rallies aren’t returning to the game, ever, but that their reward pools will be.

As Season of the Worthy begins and runs through the beginning of June, we’ll be keeping an eye on how things shape up, making sure you have the guides and resources you all need to be the best Guardians you can be. Now go gear up and get ready to repel the Cabal and stand your ground in Trials of Osiris.

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