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Forget Warlords – The Division 2’s Expansion is All About the Pets of New York

The Division 2 has recently been updated with a new, sizeable expansion: Warlords of New York. And if you’re a pet lover, there’s a surprisingly cute reason to play.

While the original The Division was set in New York City, its sequel took place in Washington DC. But the new expansion, Warlords of New York, sees your Division Agent return to the original base of operations in NYC. Except… things aren’t looking so great over there. A number of rogue agents have taken out part of the force, and it’s your job to go in, figure out who the rogue agents are and bring an end to their chaos.

Very serious stuff, then. And just like the rest of The Division 2, expect lots of high action sequences and plenty of combat. But in between your important missions, there are some finer things in life to enjoy: good girls and boys.

Warlords of New York is filled with pets! And we can’t get enough of them. On arriving at your new base of operations, it’s hard to miss the most adorable puppy you’ve probably ever seen in a video game. You can interact with him, smooshing his cute little face, and getting him to roll over for you. Forget saving what’s left of New York when this doggo needs our attention.

But that good boy is only the start of it. After heading out on the first mission, we unlocked a safe house nearby the base of operations. And what was this safe house? Why, it was a pet shelter community! Alongside busy agents coming in and out are dogs and cats without a home, ready to steal your hearts.

That’s not all: in the corner, basking under the orange glow of a warm lamp is – gasp – a deer and a wee bunny rabbit, snuggling together. Is this Bambi?

Thank you, Ubisoft, for giving us some glorious relief from the currently all-too-real terrors of The Division 2. Do forgive us if those rogue agents don’t get caught straight away, because we have too many new fluffy friends to say hello to instead.

Please enjoy more good boys and girls below. We’ll have a full review of The Division 2: Warlords of New York later this week. I suppose we’ll talk about more than just the pets, if we must.

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