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What is the Nook Phone and How to Use it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There’s nothing quite like having a cell phone constantly ringing at you during what’s meant to be a relaxing vacation.

I do suppose it is pretty convenient though. Everything you need all in one little rectangular package. And that’s exactly what your Nook Phone is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons – everything you need.

Your Nook Phone has a multitude of apps that you can use to help you on your vacation. In order to pull up your Nook Phone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, simply press ZL (the left trigger). The following apps are all that you can get on your phone:

Camera – This allows you to take pictures and keep memories forever. Trapped your villagers in a horrific, inescapable death trap? Snap a photo. Stung by wasps and horrifically scarred your face. Selfie time. Want to show off how many bells you have to all your friends? Take a quick pic you selfish, selfish butt head.

Nook Miles – Your Nook Miles are kind of another form of currency to be used in the game, but they also give you dozens of mini side quests to work towards. Quests like: catch 10 bugs, catch 5 fish, sell sea shells and more are your way towards redeeming Nook Miles. When you’re ready to spend them you can head to the Nook Shop and redeem them for DIY recipes, Nook themed outfit items and more.

Critterpedia (Unlockable) – The Critterpedia is home to all of the creatures that you’ve collected during your adventure. Every time you catch something, its information is stored in there. Want more information on that tarantula you just picked up? Open up the critterpedia to read all about it.

DIY Recipes – This app shows you all of the DIY recipes that you have available as well as the materials that it costs to make them.

Custom Design – Custom Design lets you design your own beautiful creations to wear, show on a mannequin or put on the walls in your room.

Map – This is, of course, the overview map of your island. You can hover over villagers to see where their tents are as well as where blathers, the airport, the Nook Shop and more are located.

Passport – Your passport is what will be shared with your friends who might come to visit your island and vice versa. It shows your picture, your name and island’s name and more.

Best Friends List (Unlockable) – The best friends app shows any friends whose islands you’ve travelled to and vice versa. Once you’ve visited each other, you can mark that person as your best friend and alert them whenever your island is available for visiting.

Rescue Service – If you ever find yourself stuck and unable to move you can call the Rescue Service to get you out of that tough situation and drop you back off at home.

Island Designer (Unlockable) – This app lets you design and construct buildings and such for your island only once you’re given a permit to do so.

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