Control – How to Start The Foundation Expansion

Control The Foundation 1

So, you’ve bought the season pass or just The Foundation expansion for Control and are now wondering how you access the new content? We’ve got your back.

To start The Foundation, you first need to have completed Control‘s main story. So if you haven’t done that yet, that’s why The Foundation isn’t available to you.

Once you have finished Control‘s main story, however, The Foundation quest-line should start automatically. Check your quest log if you haven’t seen it pop up on your screen to make sure, and also check that it’s actually downloaded. You never know!


Once The Foundation quest has started, your first task is to answer the Hotline. Do that by making your way through the Executive area and the Director’s Office. Upon answering the Hotline, you’ll then be told that you need to go into the lower regions of the Oldest House, through the Black Rock Quarry.

Luckily for you, you should have already visited the foundations of the Oldest House already, so there’s a fast travel point that takes you to where you need to go to start The Foundation expansion proper. So, make your way to the nearest control point and fast travel if you wish. Once you’ve arrived at Foundation, simply interact with the mysterious door.

Check out the video below if you’re still having trouble starting The Foundation.