How to Find and Use Cheats in DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal 2 (1)

Would you like to play DOOM Eternal with infinite health and other helpful boosts? You can if you find cheats.

As you play through DOOM Eternal‘s epic campaign, there are many secrets to be found.  They are marked on your map with with question marks, and you can also often see them behind cracks and crates. Collect them, and you’ll often find that they are cheats.

There are many cheats to find in DOOM Eternal. Head to the Mission Select console in the Fortress of DOOM, and you’ll see which missions have them, and if you’ve collected them. The Mission Select console is also where you can enable them. That’s right – you can only enable cheats in missions you have already completed.


When accessing the Mission Select console, you’ll see there’s a Cheat Codes screen accessible by pressing a certain button. On Xbox One it’s the X button, and on PS4 the Square button. Press it, and you’ll be taken to the Cheat Codes screen, where you’ll be able to view and turn on the cheats you’ve unlocked.

Most of the cheats are beneficial, such as giving you infinite extra lives or allowing you to stay in a powered-up mode permanently. There are some that also make the game harder though, such as the one that prevents you from obtaining health and ammo when killing enemies.

You can still earn experience and find yet more collectibles while using cheats – they don’t prevent progress. The only things you can’t access while using cheats are Slayer Gates – the reward for completing those is just too good for you to cheat your way to success. So, try to find all the cheats in DOOM Eternal and have a good laugh using them!