How to Use Photo Mode in DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal 6 (1)

DOOM Eternal, despite featuring demons and having hellish environments, is a very good looking game. So, chances are you’re going to want to make use of its photo mode.

To be able to use photo mode in DOOM Eternal, you first need to enable it in the game’s settings menu. Also, you can only use it when replaying missions via Mission Select.

When replaying a mission via Mission Select, you can access photo mode by pressing the down direction on your d-pad. You’ll then be taken to photo mode, where you can fiddle with lots of settings to get the perfect shot.


Use the left and right shoulder buttons to move between menus, press in the right analogue stick to toggle the user interface, and press in the left analogue stick to toggle between first and third-person view. When in third-person view, you can also press the Y button on Xbox One or the Triangle button on PS4 to cycle through camera options.

Once you’ve fiddled with the settings and got the perfect shot lined up, hide the user interface and use the usual screenshot function of your console/PC to capture the image. Then you can share them as you please.