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New Mixer Update Adds a Bunch of New Features


A variety of new feature updates have come to the Mixer streaming platform, including a new homepage, auto-hosting, high quality emotes and more.

The Microsoft-owned live streaming platform announced that it has rolled out an array of features this week, that will apparently help content creators reach further and build larger communities.

The new hompepage has a reshuffled layout which now displays all featured creators simultaneously, and provides some smart AI-generated recommendations to viewers. The auto-hosting feature that Mixer partners have been testing for the last month is now available for all streamers, allowing you to create a list of creators to automatically host on your channel when you are offline.

Higher quality, enhanced emotes are available too, now 28 pixels across every platform; and the ad-break beta feature will let streamers decide when to run adverts during their stream. The Xbox viewing experience has also been improved, rebuilt from the ground up with the aim of getting you to your favourite streamers as quickly as possible.

For more details on all the new features coming to Mixer, head over to the Xbox Wire.

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