Spaceship Simulator Ostranauts Gets New Gameplay Trailer

Calling all wannabee astronauts!

Indie Publisher Modern Wolf and developer Blue Bottle Games have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming space simulator game, Ostranauts.

In Ostranauts, Earth has gone through an extreme collapse in which it has found itself in a state of “capitalistic dystopia”. Not sure how that’s much different from normal, but we’ll go with it.


You play as captain of a spaceship, living his days alongside his crew, building and customising the ship to his own wants and needs. You’ll be in charge the ship’s crew, who will all work together to keep the ship fuelled up, keep food incoming and, of course, keep the debt collectors away. Providing you do a good enough job of keeping them all happy, that is.

You can watch the trailer below to see never-before-seen gameplay footage and update from Blue Bottle Games.

Ostranauts is set to release in early access on Steam later this year.