Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is an Ooey, Gooey, Silly Visual Novel

Have you ever jumped into a game and known right away it was going to be really cheesy?

Visual novel Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet from developer Nomnomnami is the cheesiest of the cheeses, but sometimes that’s just what you need.

When I saw the artwork for the game and watched the trailer, I knew it was going to be pretty strange. So I wasn’t all that surprised when it was strange – and sweet, adorable and weird. And with a bunch of different endings to discover, I actually found myself playing it multiple times.


You follow the candy alchemist Syrup who owns a candy store in a world full of magical folks. Syrup herself isn’t a huge fan of those that practice magic and attempt to make inferior candy. Her arch-nemesis, Butterscotch, is always trying to steal her recipes and find out how she makes her candy so good. One night, when Syrup discovers a candy golem in her basement, she’s sure that it’s the work of Butterscotch sending the golem to spy on her.

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is made up of mostly dialogue, moving from conversation to conversation as the story progresses. There are the occasional choices that you’ll have to make, and these decisions will affect which ending you get. During my first playthrough, I decided to be very nice and everyone ended up being friends and loving each other. It was oh-so sweet.

But my second playthrough I made all of the awful choices – and my candy golem was horrifically eaten. Syrup can be a very cruel person.

While it’s pretty obvious which choices will get you good endings and which choices will get you bad endings, Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is short (around an hour or so) so it’s not much of an ordeal to play through again. That’ll be good news for players who obsess over fully completing games. And for those that don’t care, it’s fun just the one time around too.

While Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet won’t be winning any awards for its ingenious gameplay or complicated twisting story lines, it’s a lovely game to play. If you want something light-hearted to waste an hour or so of your time, it’s a good choice. I’d even recommend it to parents who want something silly and fun to play with their kids – with the caveat that, if you make bad choices, one of the characters is eaten which could be a little upsetting. Other than that, there’s candy, there’s magic, there’s a fun and dangerous quest – what more could you want?

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.