The Last of Us is Getting a HBO Series

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As if we weren’t on edge enough waiting for The Last of Us II, now it’s getting a television show!

Fans were given the sneakiest of sneak peeks on HBO’s Twitter account with a quick look at the well-known Firefly logo. The logo is painted in white on a black backdrop – and that is all that we’ve been given for now.

The Tweet has tagged both Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin as well as the words “coming soon” which has everyone in a tizzy.


Seriously, just scroll down the comments underneath that tweet, you’ll have yourself a good ole’ time.

Druckmann is, of course, the writer and creative director of both The Last of Us and the much anticipated The Last of Us II set to release this May. Mazin is the director of the limited series Chernobyl which received nineteen nominations as well as winning the awards for Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Direction and Outstanding Writing at the 2019 Emmy Awards.

Fans of The Last of Us should certainly not be worried to have this series in the hands of these two very capable creators. And of course other talented team members who are likely to be added to the team.

Let’s just hope the casting is better than Netflix’s The Witcher. #downwithprettyboyGeralt

I’m not bitter.