The National Videogame Museum Closes Its Doors Due to Coronavirus

Image: Sheffield Newsroom

The National Videogame Museum in Sheffield has decided to close its doors to staff and visitors in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic.

An email was sent around to all newsletter subscribers this afternoon stating “BGI trustees have taken the decision to temporarily close the NVM in light of the escalating coronavirus epidemic”. There’s no word on a date where the museum will reopen, just when “trustees deem it’s safe and responsible to do so”.

As the National Videogame Museum is charity-run, it’s shortly going to be announcing a fundraising campaign in order to support it over this period of closure and to hopefully secure the future of the museum.


On visiting the NVM website, the following message is displayed:

The charity that runs the National Videogame Museum has decided to suspend opening the Museum during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We’re immensely proud to run one of the most interactive museums in the country, but we owe a duty of care to our visitors and staff during this unpredictable stage of the pandemic which is spreading rapidly through the population.

There have been no known cases of COVID-19 amongst people attending the NVM nor with our staff. We are closing before cases occur.

The Museum will stay closed until further notice.

Although the UK government has yet to put in place special measures demanding public places to close, The National Videogame Museum is just one of many who have taken it into their own hands to protect their staff and visitors. It’s disappointing, but ultimately reassuring to know that certain establishments are putting the safety of visitors before profits.

See more information about the NVM’s closure here.