The New LEGO x Super Mario Crossover Seems… Interesting

LEGO Super Mario

LEGO and Nintendo have announced a partnership, one that will see the two join forces to release a new physical play experience later this year.

Initially we expected bog-standard Super Mario-themed LEGO sets when we heard about the partnership, much like the Overwatch ones which are still available right now. After watching the video posted by the LEGO Group and Nintendo today, however, it’s clear that something much more creative is being cooked up.

LEGO Super Mario will allow kids and adults alike to seemingly play Super Mario in the real world. A unique Mario figure with built-in screen and speaker will allow players to make their way through stages created out of LEGO, collecting coins as they go. It effectively appears to be Super Mario Maker, but you can actually touch your creations. Anyway, give the video below a watch, and start saving now. Knowing LEGO and Nintendo, this won’t be cheap.