The New Xbox Controller Colours are Utterly Gorgeous

Xbox has announced two new Special Edition Wireless Controllers, one in Arctic Camo and the other in Phantom Magenta, and they are hawt.

Microsoft is looking to tempt us all out of our hard earned cash with these new Xbox One controller designs. Two new colours will soon be available to add to your collections, with the Phantom Magenta Special Edition coming on March 17th, and the Arctic Camo special edition coming later in May. Let’s take a closer look at them.


Oof, that’s nice. Dark purples and pinks are totally my jam, so this one is a particular favourite for me. The semi-transparent design evokes a pleasing sci-fi aesthetic, fading into that deeply saturated magenta at the bottom, *chef’s kiss*. You can check out this design here on the Microsoft store for £59.99/$69.99.

Now let’s check out the Arctic Camo:

Where is it? Can you see it? Not me. This is another one that certainly presses my buttons. The grey and white all looks very slick, along with frosted transparent patches that give a really nice effect, and there is also a diamond texture on the triggers for extra precision. This beauty can also be preordered from the Microsoft store for £59.99/$69.99.