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Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid DLC Lands on PC Next Week

Two Point Hospital: Off the Grid

Go green in Two Point Hospital with the new environmentally-conscious DLC, Off The Grid, bringing new areas, illnesses and challenges to PC next week.

SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced that Two Point Hospital will be getting brand new DLC, launching for PC on March 18th, and it’s all about sustainability. In Off The Grid, Two Point County’s eccentric mayor Tabitha Windsock has decided that “going green” is the surest route to re-election, and the newly founded Department of Green Things is anxious to grant you access to a variety of new clean-energy equipment and natural healthcare solutions.

Research 35 new and unusual illnesses, such as Green Fingers and Root Snoot, as you explore the three new regions, all with unique characteristics. Live off the land – gardening will help you treat some of the county’s more plant-based afflictions; then experience the futuristic Windsock City, where you must develop eco-friendly energy to keep your hospitals and transportation running.

Two Point Hospital: Off The Grid will be coming to PC via Steam on March 18th. Check out the new announcement trailer below, or you can head over to the DLC’s Steam Store page for more information.

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