Which Difficulty Should You Play DOOM Eternal On?

DOOM Eternal 5 (1)

When starting DOOM Eternal‘s campaign, you’ll be asked to select a difficulty. You might be wondering which one is right for you?

There are four standard difficulty levels in DOOM Eternal. ‘I’m Too Young to Die’ is easy, ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ is normal, ‘Ultra-Violence’ is hard, and ‘Nightmare’ is very hard. Saying that, however, DOOM Eternal is a hard game; even on ‘I’m Too Young to Die’ it’s challenging if you’re playing on console with a controller.

No matter which difficulty you choose, the number of enemies you encounter remains the same. All that changes is how aggressive they are, how much damage they do, and how generous health, ammo and armour pick-ups are. On easier difficulties, you’ll also find you’re provided with powerful Sentinel Armour if you die frequently when fighting a boss.


When playing on a standard difficulty, be aware that you can also change the difficulty at any time via the options menu. There are no specific achievements or trophies you’ll miss out on by doing so. For those looking for a greater challenge, however, there are two special modes that will test your skills.

Ultra-Nightmare mode is truly for the toughest of DOOM Slayers. It sets the difficulty to Nightmare level but introduces permadeath. So, when you die, that’s it, back to the start you go. You leave a marker in the world so you’ll know if you’ve done better the next time you play though. On Ultra-Nightmare, the game is only saved upon completing a mission as well.

Extra Life mode, on the other hand, gives you a bit of leeway for error. The game is only over when you run out of lives, and you can choose from the four standard difficulty levels. Give Extra Life mode a try if you want a more old-school experience.

So, unless you’re after all of the game’s trophies or achievements, you can simply play on ‘I’m Too Young to Die’ if you wish. You should really try to play on at least ‘Hurt Me Plenty’ if you can though, for a more fulfilling experience. And if you want to unlock everything that DOOM Eternal has to offer you’ll have to play on Ultra-Nightmare and Extra Life modes eventually. Just make sure you’ve brushed up your skills before you even attempt them.