Xbox Announces “Perks” Coming to Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox announces that a Perks system will be coming to Game Pass Ultimate, giving subscribers additional DLC and various other in-game content.

Xbox launched the new member benefit yesterday, aiming to provide even more value to its Game Pass Ultimate subscription service with access to bonus loot in addition to the games themselves.

Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to claim perks for four different games this month. Get Ori and the Will of the Wisps-themed Ancestral Sails, Figurehead, Hull, and Flag to adorn your ship in Sea of Thieves; get access to three powerful tanks in World of Tanks: Mercenaries; unlock five Gods along with special character skins and voice packs in Smite; and players in the US and Canada can get a special content bundle for Phantasy Star Online 2, including unique emotes, in-game cosmetics, a gold ticket Mission Pass and in-game currency.

New Perks will be announced regularly, along with the updates to Game Pass titles. There’s no need to sign up for the Perk program, as long as you are an Ultimate member you will find your perks on your Xbox One console, as well as on the Windows or mobile app.

If you want to check out the new games heading to Game Pass on PC and console this month, you can have a look at GameSpew’s breakdown here, or go to the Xbox news page for more information about Perks.