Beautiful Hand-Drawn Visual Novel If Found… is Headed to iOS and PC in May

Discover more about your family, your friends and yourself in a new upcoming visual novel If Found…

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has some amazing titles under its belt with award-winning games like Florence and What Remains of Edith Finch in its repertoire. Could If Found…, an upcoming title published by the studio and developed by DREAMFEEL, be its next greatest title? With the impression it gives just from the trailer, it is definitely very possible.

If Found… tells the story of Kaiso, a young Irish woman who destroys her diary on December 31st, 1993. She sits in the crumbling ruins of a mansion on Achill Island and players discover what the contents of the diary were. It tells of her life’s greatest conflicts with her family, introduces the friends she has made along the way, and the challenges she goes through as she returned to her home in West Ireland. But what does it all lead to?


The answer is a black hole that threatens to suck in everything and everyone in its wake.

With beautifully hand drawn art by Liadh Young, If Found… has a unique and intriguing style. It’s set to release on May 9, 2020 on iOS for $4.99 and on Steam for $12.99. You can check out the trailer for the game below.