Book of Demons Comes to Consoles This Week

Two years after its full release on PC, Thing Trunk’s hack-and-slash finally makes its way to consoles this week.

We first wrote about Book of Demons back in 2016, just as it was about to release into Early Access. We liked it even back then, likening it to a papercraft-style Diablo. Of course, it’s evolved plenty since then, and now it’s finally ready to slash its way onto three new formats: Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Book of Demons combines deck building with a dungeon crawling adventure, but its the game’s unique papercraft art style that really sets it apart. It’s part tribute to classic hack-and-slack games, part tongue-in-cheek parody, so expect plenty of clichés and lots of humour.

The game features three different classes to play as: Rogue, Mage and Warrior. The character you choose will determine the skills and abilities you’ll acquire as you play, with each having their own specialities. There’s a huge range of monsters to come across as you explore three underground realms, and some epic bosses to face against, too.

If Book of Demons has passed you by on PC and you’d like to jump in on console, it’ll be available on Thursday, 30th April. It’s priced at £19.99/$24.99, and you can pre-order it from the eShop now to get a 10% discount.