Bunny Day: Everything You Need to Know About Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Easter Event

If you’ve seen that creepy bunny hanging around, then you might know that something is going down on your island.

Zipper the bunny has made his way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to help players celebrate Bunny Day. Who knows what Bunny Day really is, except for another version of Easter, but the day has taken over in full swing with eggs showing up absolutely everywhere. But what exactly is Bunny Day all about?

Collecting Eggs

Collecting eggs is going to be the main activity that you’ll take part in during the days leading up to Bunny Day. There are six different types of eggs to collect: earth, water, sky, leaf, stone and wood. Where you can find these eggs? It’s actually super easy – here’s where you’ll find each type of egg.


  • Earth eggs: You’ll find these buried in the ground. They’ll appear as ‘stars’ that need to be dug up, just like fossils.
  • Water eggs: You’ll get these by fishing – they’ll appear just as fish.
  • Sky eggs: Look out for striped balloons with gifts attached. Shoot them down with your slingshot.
  • Stone eggs: You’ll get these by hitting rocks with your shovel. can found in rocks and wood eggs are collected by chopping down trees.
  • Leaf eggs: These are the easiest of all eggs. They’ll grow on trees – collect them just like frut.
  • Wood eggs: You’ll get these by using a stone axe or axe to chop trees. Eggs will occasionally drop instead of wood.

You’ll use these eggs to craft a bunch of different recipes and if you collect all of them on April 12th, a.k.a Bunny Day, Zipper will reward you with something special.


How many recipes are there for Bunny Day? The general consensus among players is around 23 recipes in total. Six of those are outfits of each egg type that you’ll automatically learn once you’ve collected enough eggs. There are also two additional recipes you’ll receive once you’ve made each of the egg outfits. Other recipes include an additional outfit and various furniture and decoration pieces.

There’s a list of the Bunny Day recipes below:

  • Bunny Day Bag
  • Bunny Day Bed
  • Bunny Day Crown
  • Bunny Day Fence
  • Bunny Day Festive Balloons
  • Bunny Day Flooring
  • Bunny Day Glowy Garland
  • Bunny Day Lamp
  • Bunny Day Merry Balloons
  • Bunny Day Rug
  • Bunny Day Stool
  • Bunny Day Table
  • Bunny Day Vanity
  • Bunny Day Wall
  • Bunny Day Wall Clock
  • Bunny Day Wardrobe
  • Bunny Day Wreath

Where do you find these Bunny Day recipes? Over the course of the event, they’ll show up in a few different places. You’ll find recipes in bottles that have washed up on the beach, from balloons, from Zipper himself, and other residents.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Bunny Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you simply wander around doing your usual thing, you’re going to find the eggs and the recipes that you need.