Can You Recall an Envoy in Stellaris: Federations?

Stellaris 1-min

In any grand strategy game you must be adaptable. You need to strike when the iron is hot and get the hell out of there if it ain’t.

So too must your diplomatic actions be well timed. This has never been truer in Stellaris, and its Federations DLC. Hence you may want to retract your envoys from the task they are currently doing. But can you do it?

We’ve got bad news, I’m afraid. Currently, it seems that there is no way of recalling your envoys in Stellaris.


This may be an oversight by Paradox – but not all is lost. There is an alternative way to get around recalling your envoys. Once a year is up, you may reassign your envoys in Stellaris.

If you don’t want to make friends or enemies of anyone else, you can choose to assign your envoys to the galactic community. It’s a great way to give yourself more diplomatic weight on the galactic stage. This is a good thing, but you also can choose to abstain from all decisions if you’d rather.