Check Out Next-Gen Footage of Observer: System Redux

Observer System Redux

Observer, one of the scariest games of recent years, is getting a next-gen overhaul.

Rebuilt for next-gen, Bloober Team’s Observer: System Redux will of course feature enhanced visuals. That’s not all though, as the gameplay is also set to be improved and the story developed upon.

Starring the late Rutger Hauer as the titular Observer, Observer: System Redux will transport you to a dark cyberpunk world, where the real horrors are likely to occur when you jack into people’s minds. That’s generally what happened in the original game anyway, which impressed us so much that we awarded it a brilliant 9/10 in our review.


Observer: System Redux is set to launch on next-gen consoles – that’s PS5 and Xbox Series X – later this year. There no mention of a PC version yet, unfortunately. Needless to say, were quite excited for it, although we’re eager to see exactly how much has changed. Some might feel aggrieved if it’s merely a visual upgrade with minimal other enhancements given Microsoft’s announcement of its Smart Delivery system.

Check out the trailer for Observer: System Redux below. We recommend viewing it in 4K if you can. And keep an eye out for more information about the game in the coming months.