Death Stranding PC Release Delayed

Death Stranding 1 (1)

If you were looking forward to playing Death Stranding on PC in June we have bad news: due to work from home orders in place at Kojima Productions, the game will now arrive over a month late.

Publisher 505 Games broke the news via Twitter, announcing the new PC release date for Death Stranding to be July 14th. That means that Kojima Productions has nearly 6 additional weeks to work on the game.


We’re sure it’ll be worth the wait. The PC version of Death Stranding boasts ultra wide monitor support, a photo mode, Half-Life cross-over content, and of course, the ability to play the game at high frame rates.

We weren’t overly enamoured with the PS4 version in our review, but Death Stranding is certainly unique. Its story is interesting and there are some thrilling scenarios, but not everyone will have the patience for trekking here, there and everywhere. Still, give it a go if it piques your interest. It’s the video game equivalent of Marmite, so you might love it.