Fairy Tail Guest Characters Revealed

Fairy Tail-min

Koei Tecmo and GUST have announced some of the guest characters that will support you in battle in the upcoming Fairy Tail video game.

Helping you take on common enemies, characters from guilds across Magnolia will be at hand. They won’t be playable, unfortunately, but they will join your party and automatically cast spells. From the Crime Sorcière guild there’s Ultear Milkovich, for example, and Sabertooth Guild’s Finest Lady Minerva Orland will also assist. Other guest characters include Flare Corona and Lyon Vastia.

Also revealed are some of the features of the Fairy Tail Guild’s famed hall. Buying and selling items is one of the key features, as well as buying drinks to boost your abilities. And if you want some quick action and rewards, you’ll be able to challenge your fellow guild members to one-on-one duels. Members from other guilds can also be singled out for a fight if you wish. As you move through the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your guild to make it better.


Set for release on PS4, Switch and PC on 25th June, Fairy Tail aims to provide both those familiar with the anime and those who have never watched it with an entertaining JRPG adventure. Check out the story trailer below, and keep an eye out for pre-orders going live soon.