GTA Online Offers Up Triple Rewards in Aerial Combat Modes

Today’s update to GTA Online is all about taking to the skies.

Or, more to the point, rewarding players for taking to the skies. The latest update offers triple rewards to all GTA Online players to all players retrieving loot in Stockpile. You can also earn triple GTA$ and RP in Air Force Zero, and for piloting a Lazer jet in Top Fun.

The sky-high fun doesn’t stop there, either: if you want to sell something on the black market, you’ll get double the going rate when you taken on a Smuggler’s Run Sell Mission.


There’s also discounts to be had on plane-related purchases, too. There’s 60% off hangars, hangar mods and add-ons if you want somewhere to store your aircraft. And if you fancy buying one, there’s 50% off a Buzzard Attack Chopper, and 60% off a P-996 Lazer plane.

Prefer to stay closer to the ground? Two of the most sought-after cars in GTA Online are on sale, too. There’s 50% off both the Benefactor Schlagen GT and the positively McLaren-like Principe Deveste Eight.

Alongside that, anyone who completes 10 Daily Objectives over the course of the week will be rewarded with an additional GTA$1,000,000 and a J Lager Beer Hat. You know; one of those hats with the beer cans strapped to it. Who doesn’t want that?

Finally, everyone who plays GTA Online this month will be rewarded with a bonus of GTA$500,000. Simply log into the game and the balance will be added to your Maze Bank account within seven days. Hooray for free money!

See full details of the update on the official Rockstar Games website.