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Landlord's Super

How to Fast Travel in Landlord’s Super

Are you playing Landlord’s Super and wondering how you can fast travel instead of walking from your caravan every single day? Read on.

Landlord’s Super isn’t as big as Jalopy, Minskworks’ previous game, but wandering back and forth to town can be a pain, particularly if you’ve spent your hard earned cash on booze and are struggling to keep your stomach contents in.

Or maybe you’re actually doing some work reconstructing your house, and you’ve bought a particularly large item that you’d rather not have to lug home.

Here’s how to fast travel:

  • First, go to a bus stop. There’s one outside the Anchor pub in town and another just near your caravan, next to the phone box.
  • Left click on the timetable, then use A and D to select Sheffingham to go to town or Lakeside to go to your caravan, then hit Enter. There are only two destinations so far.
  • By default, you’ll be set to take the bus to your destination, but if you click on the left and right arrows on the screen, you can also choose to fast travel by walking, which will cost you energy. If you don’t have enough money for the bus (the fare is 10p), this is your only option.
  • Hit Enter or click on the green tick to travel.
  • Hey presto, you’re at your destination!

Aside from bringing large objects such as a ladder home, Fast Travel is particularly handy if, after working at the Anchor Tavern, you’re so exhausted that you’re in danger of collapsing.

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