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How to Find and Sell Scrap in Landlord’s Super

Do you want to sell scrap in Landlord’s Super but aren’t sure to go about it? Here’s what you need to know.

You’ll need money if you’re going to renovate your house in Landlord’s Super. The easiest way to do this is to get a job washing dishes at the local pub but if you’d prefer an alternative, you can also collect and purchase scrap.

The leaflet that drops through your door mentions a scrapyard – so where is it? Nowhere, that’s where. It’s a touch misleading, and it’s possible a scrapyard will be added later but right now, the way to sell scrap is to get a skip delivered to right outside your caravan.

Get a skip in Landlord’s Super

Here’s how to get the skip:

  • Go to the Job Centre in town and pick up the card on the right, the one asking for a delivery driver.
  • Leave the Job Centre and you’ll be stopped by Winston. Give him the card, because you don’t have a driver’s license. If you’re already refused to give him the job, you can find him sitting in the pub; go there and give him the card.
  • Then, speak to the man standing outside Ronson Bros builder’s merchants, just opposite the pub. He’ll get Winston to deliver you a skip.
  • Go back home to the caravan, and you’ll see Winston in his truck, waiting for you. Speak to him.
  • Now you can carry any scrap item to your skip, place it in, and the cash will drop through your door in the morning.

Where do you find scrap?

“Scrap” can be any object you find; if you hold the mouse pointer over it and it displays a scrap value, you can sell it. The most expensive items we came across were ladders; there’s a renovated house just outside of town, left at the Job Centre and down the street, where there are three of them. You can also sell concrete, poles and other things, which you can also find by poking around the map or looking behind houses.

If you’ve got a bunch of small items you want to carry you can use a wheelbarrow. To get the wheelbarrow you need to speak to Scouse Jimmy, who’s trying to get into your building site and tell him you’d love his help. Then look in the job centre for the card he’s put in there, about moving some items. Find him outside the house down the road that’s left of the Job Centre and help him out. It won’t lead to permanent work but, after injuring himself, he’ll leave his wheelbarrow for you next day.

You can put objects into the wheelbarrow but larger ones such as ladders will need to be carried. In Landlord’s Super there’s no-one to stop you rifling through people’s stuff so, if you’re feeling a little bit shady, you can sell nearly anything you can get your hands on.

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