How to Gain More Envoys in Stellaris: Federations

Stellaris 1-min

Diplomacy is key to the galaxy in Stellaris: Federations, the DLC all about bringing global empires together.

But schmoozing ain’t easy and will require your fanciest diplomatic envoys to improve diplomatic standing within and without your federation of species. Here’s everything you need to know about getting more envoys in Stellaris.

Most empires will start with one envoy, but there are various ways you can gain more. First of all, your empire civics can give you more:


  • If you choose the civic ‘Diplomatic Corps’, you will gain two more – and an extra 10% diplomatic weight
  • If you control a megacorp you can choose the corresponding civic, ‘Public Relations Specialists’, which gives the same benefits
  • If you control a hive mind you can pick the civic ‘Empath’ for the same benefits – and a +20 opinion with individualist empires.

You can change your civics in Stellaris for 250 influence every 20 years. You can also gain an additional civic by researching the Galactic Administration technology.

Civics aren’t the only way to get new envoys in Stellaris, however. If your governing ethics are xenophilic, then you will receive additional envoys. You will gain an extra envoy for being a xenophile or two for being a fanatic xenophile.

One of the early diplomatic traditions you can unlock allows you to form federations and gives you an additional envoy. These traditions are changed to adaptability if you play some empires – but the same tradition will appear with some added bonuses if you can not join a federation.

The final way to gain a new envoy in Stellaris is to build the Interstellar Assembly megastructure. At stage II and IV you will receive an additional envoy.

However, it’s just as important to make your envoys more potent than it is gaining new ones. You can do this by changing your diplomatic policies. Making yourself ‘cooperative’ increases the opinion gain from envoys by 50%. If you use the ‘diplomatic grants’ edict, you gain +50% improve and +50% harm relations from envoys – but you’ll need to be willing make other empires either love or despise you.