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How to Make Easy Starting Money in Landlord’s Super

Are you playing Landlord’s Super and are stuck for cash? Here’s the best way to rake in some easy starting money.

Fixing up your house in Landlord’s Super is all well and good but if you don’t have cash, you’re going nowhere. Tools, materials and other things cost money so you’ll need to get yourself a job.

You can also gather and sell scrap, but the return on gathering scrap isn’t necessarily worth it.

Instead, you’re better off getting a job. Specifically, becoming a dish washer at the Anchor pub. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the Job Centre in town and pick up the card on the right, the one asking for a delivery driver.
  • Leave the Job Centre and you’ll be stopped by Winston. Give him the card, because you don’t have a driver’s license. If you’ve already refused to give him the job, you can find him sitting in the pub; go there and give him the card.
  • Then, speak to the man standing outside Ronson Bros builder’s merchants, just opposite the pub. He’ll get Winston to deliver you a skip.
  • Go back home to the caravan, and you’ll see Winston in his truck, waiting for you. Speak to him.
  • Go the skip for now and go into your caravan and go to sleep.
  • Go back into town and go to the Job Centre. You’ll find a card asking for a dish washer. Take it.
  • Go to the Anchor Tavern and wait until it opens at 12.00PM.
  • Speak to Tamsin, the barmaid, and ask her about the job. Agree to take the job.
  • Go behind the bar, through the doors just before the toilets, and click on the kitchen door.
  • You’ll be paid £4 an hour and you have the choice of how long you want to work for. Your hygiene and energy drop so be careful; if you leave yourself with less than 5% energy there’s a chance you’ll collapse before you can get home.

And that’s all there is to it. You don’t need to speak to Tamsin again, you can just go to the kitchen door and choose your hours. There’s no bonus game involved, no need to do anything other than click on the door and collect your money.  Happy dishwashing!

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