How to Turn On Headlights in Snowrunner

SnowRunner KeyArt

Out now, Snowrunner is all about driving trucks and huge vehicles through rough terrain. And sometimes it gets dark – so you’ll need to know how to turn on your headlights.

There’s a day and night cycle in Snowrunner, so as you play, it’ll gradually get darker. Most of the roads you’ll find yourself trucking up and down aren’t civilised enough to have street lights – so you’ll have to rely on your own headlights. But how do you turn them on?

The game never makes it very clear to you, but it’s very easy. To turn headlights on in Snowrunner, you simply need to press down the left shoulder button then press ‘B’. On an Xbox controller, that’s LB then B; on PlayStation it’s L1 then circle.


To turn your headlights off, simply press the same buttons again.

You’ll need to manually turn on your headlights whenever it gets dark; Snowrunner never prompts you to do so. So if you want to actually see where your vehicle is headed, always remember to flick them on as soon as the sun starts setting in game.