How to Use Amiibo with Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Looking to dust off your amiibos? Here’s how to use them in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

If you’ve played any previous Animal Crossing games then you probably have a few villagers that you have put tiers above the rest on your favourite scale. My favourite villager, for example, is Rosie the purple cat. She is thoughtful and hilarious and adorable and my best friend. So you might be wondering, “Is there a way to bring my favourite villager into the game?”

There is a way, but it involves amiibo.


Amiibos are figurines or even cards that include a built-in way to connect to your system. Amiibos in Animal Crossing: New Horizons allow you to invite the villagers that you want into the game. So far, they haven’t worked on characters like DJ KK or Celeste, but regular villagers that move in are available to call.

But how do you do this? If you’ve got any Amiibos such as the Animal Crossing cards that came out around the time of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer on the 3DS, then you can use any of those cards (apart from special characters) to invite a character to your campsite. So you’ll have to be at the point in the game where your campsite is all set up for visitors.

Once your campsite is set up, head to the Nook Stop at Resident Services and choose the option: Call someone with Amiibo. Then simply press the amiibo figure or card against the right analog stick on your Switch and that villager will head to your camping site right away. From there you’ll be able to talk with them and give them gifts that they request to help convince them to move in full time. You’ll have to invite them over three times before they’re willing to make the move permanently, and you’ll also have to have a plot paid for and picked out for them as well.

It’s a simple process, but unfortunately if you didn’t collect the cards or amiibos back when they were selling like hot cakes, this feature might not be very helpful for you. Hopefully as the popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons increases, Nintendo will consider a new series of cards and figures for players to use to bring all their favourite villagers to their islands.