Jump Force Deluxe Edition Announced for Switch

Jump Force Deluxe Edition

While not everyone was enamoured with Jump Force when it released on PS4, Xbox One and PC last year, we thought it was entertaining enough.

The general public must have come to the consensus that it was alright as well, otherwise, why would Bandai Namco be releasing a Deluxe Edition of the game on Switch later this year?

Jump Force Deluxe Edition will feature over 50 characters at launch, including all DLC characters released as part of Character Pass 1. Of course, other improvements to the game since launch will also be included, and an exclusive offline 3 vs 3 tag team mode sweetens the deal.


While Jump Force Deluxe Edition is planned to launch on Switch later this year, Character Pass 2 is about to land for PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game soon. Todoroki Shoto from My Hero Academia is the first Character Pass 2 character to be revealed, using his Half-Cold, Half-Hot Quirk to cause havoc in the arena. Those who buy Character Pass 2 get four days early access to him, and others released in the future.

Trailers for both Jump Force Deluxe Edition and Character Pass 2 can be viewed below.