Latest Call of Duty Warzone Patch Addresses Some Bugs and Exploits

Call of Duty Warzone

A small patch rolled out to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone yesterday, addressing some general fixes.

Looks like players had been able to take advantage of some exploits up until this point, but yesterday’s patch has ironed them out.

Previously, a bug allowed players to use Game Battles to create custom weapon blueprints, which could then be used in Warzone or MP. Sorry folks, not anymore!


There was also an exploit which meant players in Call of Duty: Warzone could be invincible after reviving a teammate. Clearly that wasn’t meant to happen, and so the patch has fixed that too.

Smaller bugs have also been addressed, including an audio cue which plays when picking up a Renetti. Previously, it was heard globally rather than just by the player picking it up. That’s been fixed.

And, because Infinity Ward is all about the small details, it has also fixed a bug which meant there were two watches on the wrist of the CTSFO 1 Mil-Sim Operator. Huh. Maybe he just wanted to know the time in two different time zones.

You can see the full (very brief) patch notes on Infinity Ward’s website.