Little Hope Aims to Scare This Summer

Little Hope

Little Hope, the next entry in Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures Anthology, is set to arrive this summer.

Arriving less than a year after the launch of Man of Medan, the first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology which we very much liked, Little Hope will feature a whole new cast. Four college students and their professor will find themselves trapped in the titular town, and the only way they can escape is to unravel the mysteries it holds while evading dark forces.

Like in Man of Medan, players will take control of all five of Little Hope‘s protagonists, one of whom is portrayed by Will Poulter, attempting to keep them all alive throughout the ordeal. As such, the game will be replayable, with multiple storylines and endings to be found.


As the trailer gives away, the Curator will return, updating players with regards to their progress as well as providing the occasional clue. The Shared Story and Movie Night modes will also return, as well as the Curator’s Cut which will once again initially be a pre-order bonus.

The reveal trailer for Little Hope can be watched below. The game will launch this summer on PS4, Xbox One and PC