New Animal Crossing Update Brings New Visitors and an Expanded Museum to Your Island

I’m that invested in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons island that when I see the words “new update”, I’m filled with a sense of panic.

I think it stems from those damned Easter eggs. I’ll be forever plagued by the memories of fishing, only to reel in endless streams of eggs. And to what end? To craft a butt-ugly bed made of giant, colourful eggs that I’m never, ever going to want to display in my beautiful island home.

Thankfully, Bunny Day is long gone, and so is Zipper. But to take its place, a new update is on the way. This one promises new visitors, a museum expansion, and new limited-time events to see us through until summer.


The update will be available to Animal Crossing: New Horizons players from Thursday, 23rd April, and its additions will trickle through until the end of June.

Most notably, it’ll introduce two new visitors to your island, who will show up regularly (in the same way that C.J. and Flick do). There’s Leif, a nature-loving sloth who will appear in your Resident Services courtyard to sell you shrubs and flower seeds. And there’s Jolly Redd, who’ll show up in his boat to sell you unique furniture and pieces of art.

But here’s where it gets interesting: not every piece of art Jolly Redd sells you will be real. You’ll have to figure out what’s fake and what’s not; and when you get your hands on a real piece, you’re able to donate it to the museum. Yep, Blathers is branching out: along with bugs, fish and fossils, you can now donate him paintings and sculptures to display in a brand new art gallery.

Alongside this, a handful of new time-limited events will be coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

  • Nature Day (23rd April-4th May) – Special Nook Miles challenges will be available, focusing on nature, i.e. planting trees and watering flowers
  • May Day Tour (1st-7th May) – A special ticket will take you to a brand new island, where a “special visitor” awaits…
  • International Museum Day (18-31st May) – A ‘Stamp Rally’ will be ongoing, where you can earn stamps for viewing fish, insects and fossils at your museum exhibits
  • Wedding Season (1st-30th June) – You’ll find married couple Reese and Cyrus on Harvey’s Island, where you can help take their wedding photos. There’s also wedding-themed items up for grabs.

The update will be available free for all players from 23rd April. Simply ensure your Switch is connected to the internet to receive it. I’m looking forward to having new faces pop up on my shores – as long as none of them bring any darn eggs.

Update: there’s a trailer!