Planet Zoo is Heading to South America Next Week With New DLC

Planet Zoo South America

Just because we can’t travel in real life right now doesn’t mean we can’t travel in videogames.

Planet Zoo, Frontier Developments’ excellent zoo-building simulation game, is getting a new piece of DLC next week. Called the South America Pack, it includes 250 new scenery pieces and five new animals. All of which are from, you guessed it, South America.

The animals included in the South America Pack are the jaguar, a capuchin monkey, giant anteater, red-eye tree frog, and my personal favourite, the llama. As expected, each new animal has its own individual needs that budding zookeepers will need to familiarise themselves with. Raiding animals isn’t easy, you know!


The DLC costs $10 and will be available to purchase via Steam from Tuesday 7th April. It joins the Arctic Pack DLC which launched back in December.

Alongside the paid DLC, Planet Zoo will also be getting a free update. Available next week to all players, it adds a bunch of new features across all areas of the game. New foliage and enrichment items will be available to place in your zoo, players will be able to share research across all franchise zoos, and there’ll be additional difficulty settings to play on. Most noteworthy is the addition of a genealogy tab which will allow you to trace the lineage of each animal in your zoo. There’ll also be a range of bug fixes and improvements.

Both the South America Pack DLC and the free update will be available from 7th April. The update will roll out to everyone, while the DLC will become available to purchase.