PlayStation 5 is Dropping the DualShock – Meet the DualSense Controller

DualSense PS5

We don’t know what the console looks like yet, but last night we got our first glimpse of the PS5 controller.

And… it’s something. While most of us expected it to be a DualShock 5, Sony has dropped the name, and instead has opted for DualSense. It’s a reflection of the features of the controller, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. It’s about feeling your game as you play it.

Outside of the bold colour choice – which we’ll come back to – the structure of the DualSense is very similar to a PS4 controller, but small, important refinements have been made. The angle of the triggers have been changed, and subtle updates have been made to the grip. Its designers wanted to make the controller “feel smaller than it really looks”. The weight of the controller has also been reduced while ensuring its rechargeable battery remains powerful.

The touchpad remains, as do the iconic PlayStation face buttons (of course!). The share button, however, has been replaced by a ‘create’ button. But as far as we can tell, this will operate in much the same way, just giving players more options on how to capture their content.

But that colour. It’s certainly a striking look, and something we’re not used to seeing from a standard controller. But… why not? Will this reflect the colour scheme of the action console, we wonder? It would make sense; after all, bundled controllers always match the console they come with. If the PS5 console is also black and white, it’s a bold choice. And one we are excited to see in action.

You can read more details about the DualSense on the PlayStation Blog. In the meantime, we’ll be stressing out about how dirty those white bits are going to get. No eating wotsits while playing Spider-Man, folks.