Red Dead Online Offers Special Rewards for Free Roam Events This Week

Red Dead Online

Howdy, partner. Want some special rewards in Red Dead Online? You better jump into some Free Roam events.

Until 20th April, Red Dead Online is offering a range of perks to players taking part in Free Roam events. Namely, you’ll be rewarded with an additional 50% bonus on XP, RDOS and gold. Not a bad way to top up your resources, surely?

On top of that, if you complete any Free Roam event in the game before next Monday, 20th April, you’ll receive a coupon for 50% off any coat with a rank over under 15.


Over the coming weekend (17-20th April), anyone who plays Red Dead Online in any capacity will be given a free Ability Card to allow you to augment your skills. It’ll be credited to your ‘Benefits’ within 48 hours.

On top of the freebies, there are some offers on in the Wheeler, Rawson & Co catalogue. All shotguns, bandoliers and multi-class horses are 30% off, melee weapons are 50% off, emotes are 70% off, and Ability Cards are 80% off. Good time to spend some money, methinks.

Finally, the catalogue sees a return of some wardrobe favourites. If you didn’t get a chance to pick up some of these, they’re now back available until 27th April. They are: Plaid Cap, Folwell Hat, Gardenia Hat, Macboy Jacket, Clymene Coat, Cardozo Vest, Carver Pants, Griffith Chaps and Pelt Half Chaps.

Head to the Rockstar Games blog for a full rundown of this week’s events in Red Dead Online.