The Final Episode of Song of Horror is Releasing May 28th

Step back into the horror, one last time.

Developer Protocol Games has officially announced that the fifth and final episode of their survival horror game Song of Horror is set to release May 28th. Only a few weeks away, the game has gone through a long journey to get to this point.

This fifth and final episode, The Horror and The Song, will tie together the story in ways that players won’t be expecting. Players will continue to have to contend with “The Presence” who has grown stronger than ever before. Former patients of the Jeremy Hartwood Psychiatric Hospital also haunt the hallways, giving players even more than just “The Presence” to watch out for.


When we reviewed Song of Horror’s first two episodes we were particularly impressed by the atmosphere and story saying, “If Song of Horror’s remaining episodes can maintain the level of quality set out in its first two episodes, survival horror fans are in for a treat.”

The final episode will be launching first on PC, but a combined package of all five episodes will follow for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a little later in 2020.

Check out the trailer for the game below.